Befut Global, Inc

Befut Global Inc  (BFTI) is an aggregator of construction service companies and has made one acquisition to date, (CityWorks Building Co.,)  and will make additional acquisitions in related specialties of construction services, including but not limited to general construction companies, heavy and highway companies, solar installation companies and any other acquisition which would provide additional revenues and addition income in order to make the goals of being listed on a major exchange

Befut (BFTI) primary SIC code is 1522 and NAICS code is 236220. The current core business is commercial construction, and the acquisition of operating companies, improvement of their operations and revenues and increase the net income. CityWorks was the first of these acquisitions.

The Company is currently engaged in  negotiations which, if consummated and approved by the required shareholder vote of the target company, would result in an acquisition, merger or other reorganization of the Company with a resulting new operating business associated with its core business and management which may impact its current outstanding shares. Management will also supply, if consummated and completed, as a supplement to this disclosure document, the details of any such definitive agreement, when entered.

Befut expects to join a Blockchain Technology Developer (DragonChain, Wave and Global Blockchain are being evaluated) Incubator to help is develop a distributed ledger technology which would enable it to reduce waste and fraud in the energy installations included in housing development projects the company plans to develop subject to final funding later in the 3rd quarter of 2018

BEFUT (BFTI) will continue to seek out and make strategic acquisitions of domestic and international technology businesses and intellectual property assets to further leverage its market presence. The Board of Directors of BEFUT (BFTI) is currently in advanced stage discussions with many operating construction companies. BEFUT (BFTI) hopes to close on the target companies in 2018 and will make further announcements at the appropriate time.

Subsidiaries and or Affiliates include Cityworks Building  Coming soon will be Solargy Power Systems,, Befut Asia and Befut Latin America.

more information of Befut is available here:

Port Of Miami Passenger Terminal project
 completed office renovation project, Aventura City Hall , Florida

completed office renovation project, Aventura City Hall , Florida