Befut Global, Inc


The mission of Befut Global, Inc. (the “Company” or “Befut”) , is to become an industrial infrastructure company by using technology to deliver natural resources (energy) and products (Lumber and other building materials) to market globally.

Befut Global, Inc. is an industrial infrastructure company with operations in commercial construction, residential, hotels and institutional building construction. Subsidiaries include Cityworks Building,  Coming soon will be Solargy Power Systems,, Befut Asia and Befut Latin America.

Management believes that the way to maintain sustainable growth is to establish relationships with strategic companies to pursue new opportunities. To this end, the company has entered into a number of strategic alliances, including but not limited to, with a number of powerline builders in Asia to build High Voltage transmission lines and power infrastructure projects, limited to Solar PV installations. Befut operates using the traditional self-performing work model on infrastructure projects, with its strategic partners performing the installation work, installing the manufactured components, transmission towers, cable, and in the case of PV power plants, the solar panels and associated equipment.

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Planned warehouse for Lumber in Suriname

Planned warehouse for Lumber in Suriname